Fairfax, VA


A Virginia Private Security Association

We invite you to join us today!

The Professional Investigators and Security Association is the largest Investigators and Security Association in Virginia.

Joining PISA has numerous benefits beyond just access to our extensive network of members. Here is a list of our Member Benefits:
• Get access to an exclusive Members Only Email List.
• Obtain the opportunity to be sponsored in our Member Spotlight email to our membership and having your biography and information posted on the PISA website. 
• An opportunity to attend Statewide and Regional meetings.
• Access to our Annual Symposium.
Discount on REID Seminars available to PISA Members. This discount will save you between $150 and $180 depending on if you pick the 3 or the 4 day course.
20% discount on rental cars at Enterprise.

Membership Categories and Dues:
Membership – $75
Renewed Membership Yearly Dues – $75
Business (includes Membership for 2 Employees) – $300
Associate Business (add an additional Employee to a Business Membership) – $25
Affiliate – $100
Lifetime – $500

We invite you to join us at PISA. If you are a new member, please download the New Member Application and email the completed form to president@vapisa.com. If you are already a member and interested in renewing your membership, download the Membership Renewal form and email the completed form to president@vapisa.com email the completed form to president@vapisa.com. After doing so, you can pay for your Membership or pay your Membership Renewal Yearly Dues by following this link to pay through our payment processor. 

If you are interested in a Business Membership, Affiliate status, or a Lifetime Membership, download the New Membership Application form and email the completed form and please send us an email first at president@vapisa.com so we can get you the proper link to pay through our payment processor. Do not use the above link to pay for your Business Membership, Affiliate status, or a Lifetime Membership. 

If you wish to pay by check, email us at president@vapisa.com your completed form and include in your message that you would like to pay via check.