Fairfax, VA


A Virginia Private Security Association

We work with the best in the industry to make real changes.

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Our Members

Andrews, Donna
Email: donna@donnaandrews.com
Address: 11654 Plaza America Drive Reston VA 20190

Blansfield, Robert
Company: Nachrichtendienst
Phone: 703-242-1250
Email: bsafinfo@verizon.net

Bonacci, Joseph
Comapny: A Security Training Academy, Inc
Phone: 703-916-8411
Email: joseph@astai.us
Website: astai.us 
Address: 7263 Maple Place, Suites 203 & 304 Annandale VA 22003

Breen Sr, Kenneth
Email: kbreen56@gmail.com

Brunson, Philip
Company: Brunson Investigations LLC
Phone: (804) 441-1834
Email: brunson.investigations@yahoo.com
Website: www.BrunsonInvestigations.com
Social Media: www.facebook.com/Brunsoninvestigations
Address: 9601 Gayton Road, Suite E-105 Henrico VA 23238

Brame, Michael
Company: Arete Protection Services
Email: targue@gmail.com

Buckley, Thomas
Company: JPB Investigations LLC
Email: thomas.buckley1449@gmail.com
Address: PO Box 341 Woodbridge VA 22194

Budd, Rodney
Company: EYZONU Consulting Service
Phone: 757-618-3262
Email: Rodbudd@eyzonu.org
Website: www.eyzonu.org
Address: 6663 Stoney Point South Norfolk VA 23502

Chapman, Johnny D.
Email: jdchapman82@hotmail.com

Clauson, Carl
Email: calmaritimer@gmail.com

Cole, Ellen
Company: Special Investigations – SI Cyber
Phone: 703.674.0514
Email: ellen@specinv.com
Website: https://specinv.com
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/SI.SPECINV.SICYBER
Address: 459 Carlisle Drive, Suite B Herndon VA 20170

Colley, Ryan
Address: Colley Intelligence
Phone: 202.468.6665
Email: rdc@colleypi.com
Website: www.colleyintelligence.com
Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-colley-cfe-801b4014/
Address: 1225 15th St. NW Washingon DC 20005

Davidson, Kevin J.
Email: kevind@starband.net

Duncan, Norma
Email: njduncan@verizon.net

Fasceski, Joseph
Company: Virginia Financial Investigations, LLC
Email: jfasceski@usa.net

Francis, Mary Ann
Email: mafrancis@cox.net

Goldberry, Barbara
Email: dbilearn@aol.com

Goldberry, Roger D.
Email: dbilearn@aol.com

Gray, Nicole
Company: Infinity Investigative Solutions
Email: nicole@infinityinvestigative.com
Website: www.infinityinvestigative.com
Social Media: www.facebook.com/investigate
Address: 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600 Alexandria VA 22314

Haflinger, B. J.
Email: bj_303@yahoo.com
Address: PO Box 3728 McLean VA 22103

Hecker, Philip
Email: pchecker@hpiunified.com

Henderson, Matthew
Company: HP Investigations
Email: matth.hpi@gmail.com
Address: 7615 Pocoshock Way Richmond VA 23235

Johnson, Manny
Company: The John Haus Group LLC
Email: manadrj@verizon.net
Address: PO Box 14063 Washington DC 20024

Kelley, Megan
Company: Explosive Countermeasures International
Website: https://www.nobombs.net/
Email: mkelley@nobombs.net

Kochensparger, John
Company: Certified Training Academy
Email: director@certifiedtrainingacademy.com
Address: 9702 Gayton Road #325 Richmond VA 23238

Krywucki, Thomas
Email: tkrywucki@gmail.com

Long, Zachery
Company: CSI
Email: csi2spy@gmail.com
Address: PO Box 1491 Madison VA 22727

McDonald, R.N. (Max)
Email: maxninga@msn.com

Moore, Shirley
Company: Potomac Investigations, Inc.
Phone: 703-327-5418
Email: potomacinv@aol.com
Address: Box 3184 Oakton VA 22124

Niner, Michael
Company: Blue Raven, Inc.

O’Donghue, Henry
Company: ODOG Professional Services, LLC
Phone: 202-412-2256
Email: johnodog2002@yahoo.com
Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/henry-john-o-donoghue-82902b17/

Parris, Pamela
Email: pamelaparris@theparrisgroup.org

Pocalyko, Michael
Company: Special Investigations – SI Cyber
Phone: 703.674.0514
Email: mike@specinv.com
Website: https://specinv.com
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/SI.SPECINV.SICYBER
Address: 459 Carlisle Drive, Suite B Herndon VA 20170

Reed, Stewart
Email: stewardsecuritycompany@cox.net
Address: P.O. Box 9433 Alexandria VA 22306

Rose, Frank
Company: X3LTR Services LLC
Email: x3ltrservices@gmail.com
Website: www.x3ltrservices.com
Address: PO Box 2528 Spotsylvania VA 22553

Rosiere, Sandra
Company: ProSpectives Private Investigations
Email: ProSpectivesPI@ProSpectivesPI.com
Phone: (804) 507-2022
Website: www.ProSpectivesPI.com

Shaalan, Marisa Urgo
Email: marisashaalan@gmail.com

Shealey, Mark
Email: gmanmas@gmail.com

Stoner, Linda
Email: lgstoner@aol.com

Stoner, Tamara
Email: TAprS@aol.com 8523

Stoppa, Richard L.
Email: rstop1@hotmail.com

Story, William
Email: liam@liamiv.com

Sturgeon, Frank
Company: Sturgeon Studios, Architect
Email: norazeaia@aol.com

Spofford, Susan
Email: spofford@hotmail.com
Address: 4031 Chain Bridge Road Fairfax City VA 22030

Swain, Gloria
Phone: 202-302-6084
Email: Gloria_Swain@MSN.com