Fairfax, VA

About PISA

A Virginia Private Security Association

PISA is the Largest Investigators and Security Association in Virginia.

Mission Statement
PISA is dedicated to protecting, assisting, and promoting individuals and businesses in the private security field in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our proven track record of working with regulatory bodies and government officials to make real differences in the field while protecting and promoting investigators at work. 
We work with all Department of Criminal Justice Services registrants; Private Investigators, Personal Protection Specialists, Security Guards, Electronic Security Technicians, Locksmiths, Special Conservators of the Peace, and more. 

  • Proven track record of passing new legislation allowing Private Investigators to work as Independent Contractors and adding photos to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service registration cards. 
  • Dedicated to the highest professional standards. 
  • Proud to be an effective voice in monitoring, sponsoring, and supporting legislation and the regulatory process to enhance Private Security Services. 
  • Serving as liaison with members of the Virginia General Assembly and U.S. Congress. 
  • Promoting cooperation, understanding, and respect with Law Enforcement. 
  • Fostering training and programs with our partners in the Community-Oriented Justice Program. 
  • Committed to educating the public on our role as investigators and security professionals within the Criminal Justice community. 
  • Educating the public about the services investigators and security professionals offer. 
  • Meeting the training needs of our professions by conducting convenient, effective, quality training sessions in regional locations. 

Ethics are the core of our organization. Before considering joining PISA, please read the PISA Code of Ethics. Learn more about our History and the impact we’ve had.

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